Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ron Paul would not have voted fort he 1964 Civil Rights Act

[VIDEO] So last year Texas Congressman Ron Paul had a son - US Senator Rand Paul - who successfully ran for US Senator from Kentucky. Now Sen. Paul during last year's Senate race made it known that he wouldn't have supported the 1964 Civil Rights act. Sen. Paul was forced to retract his comments.

In any cast father and son Paul as you see in the video argued against the Civil Rights Act not merely on supporting discrimination, but on the grounds of respect for property rights. Basically should a business be able to discriminate against potential customers and say I don't want no blacks or Mexicans or women here?

What Ron Paul points out in his interview with Chris Matthews (recorded by Talking Points Memo) is that Jim Crow was discrimination not by private business owners but by law. So the fact that there had to be Black only washrooms, Blacks had to move to the back of the bus, or even Blacks had separate entrances from Whites at restaurants or theaters was mandated by law.

I wouldn't be opposed to some business putting up a sign that kept me from entering their establishment. It would be one less place for me to want to do business with them. If my money is no good for them then they lost out and perhaps lost out on more than I could ever provide that particular establishment.

I know however, that there are many who wouldn't see it that way and would actually for that business to not discriminate. And there are people who would seek publicity to change that policy, private property rights be damned!

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