Saturday, May 21, 2011

A comment in an old post...

Well "The reality of war" post where I posted a picture from Andrew Sullivan's blog - The Daily Dish, formerly at the Atlantic and now at The Daily Beast. It's a disturbing picture as we see a dead little girl buried in rubble and it almost looks like her head was dismembered.
may Allah swt take revenge on those Jews
That post is a little over two years old and the issues that this little girl is caught up are still out there.

As for whoever posted that comment, it's very hateful. Rarely, thank goodness, does this blog run into such comments. If it got more readers it could get worse but once in a blue moon is easy to deal with.

I just make note of them as I come to them and you won't see it in the comment feed. Of course some comments because blog post in and of themselves.

BTW, what's with this talk of Israel going back to their 1967 boundaries. Speaking of issues their still fighting over in the Mideast about a two state solution and whether or not Israel should give back some territory that they've grab during the various wars they have fought. It seems like there will be some unresolved issues over there no matter how much Israel would even want to concede. It strikes me as well there are those who are against Israel for as long as it exists.

Perhaps, that might be where this comment comes from.

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