Saturday, February 19, 2011

For Candidates, the 15th Ward’s Ills Are Daunting

15th Ward
You know there are some wards where it's difficult to get anything done. Chicago's 15th Ward is one of them as well they've suffered through not only lackluster Aldermen, but terrible voter turnout according to this Chicago News Coop article.

The incumbent Ald. Toni Foulkes but a challenger, attorney Felicia H. Simmons-Stovall, has received notice from the Tribune and the Chicago Crusader. If you give weight to endorsements the subscription website Early & Often has Foulkes running away with endorsements

One candidate that probably should get more notice is Syron Smith. He was able to beat in his race for Alderman challenges to his petitions unlike his race for State Representative. I know of him by his YouTube videos and has made several about this race. He likes to talk about his block-by-black activism. We'll know on Tuesday whether or not that strategy will result in a Smith victory.

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