Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Chicago Argus: Somebody didn’t learn from own history

This post written by Gregory Tejada at Chicago Argus was written exactly one day before our former US Senator, Carol Moseley Braun, had went off on Patricia Van-Pelt Watkins. Watkins herself is a challenger for Mayor in this open race, although it's expected that she won't be a huge factor in this race. I'll talk more about that event later.

Now you'll just read about what Tejada has to say about our former Senator:
For there were three major candidates wishing to run for U.S. Senate from Illinois as a Democrat. Besides Dixon and Moseley-Braun, there was also Al Hofeld, an attorney of some personal financial means who had never held elective office.

I still remember the debates that resulted between the three. Hofeld had run a negative campaign, trying to make Dixon appear to be someone old and out-of-touch. Dixon tried responding by making the political neophyte appear to be politically clueless.

Dixon and Hofeld beat up on each other. They largely ignored Moseley-Braun, who when she did speak came across as the one concerned about issues. In fact, she came across as the only logical person among the three candidates.

This time, Moseley-Braun went on the attack to the point where she appeared to be the one who was clueless. She managed to make Rahm Emanuel, the Mighty Rahm-bo with the foul mouth and crass temperament, appear to be the calm, collected, intelligent candidate.
Sign of a mediocre candidate looking for traction unlike what happened when she first ran for US Senator. It was noted at The Argus that she doesn't have much support either financially or pollwise. Her base might well be those who want to support a Black candidate for Mayor but not much more than that. It seems like a very hard fall for a woman who won election to the US Senate and couldn't hold her seat six years after that.
If you're looking for commentary on Carol's comments to Watkins look no further than Richard Roeper:
For one thing, the chances of Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins becoming the next mayor of Chicago are only slightly greater than the chances of Jay Cutler becoming the next mayor of Chicago. She’s polling at about 1 percent, which is 1 percent more than, um, zero percent. For Braun to go after Watkins with such a cheap shot is not only mean-spirited, it’s just plain stupid.
It was further noted that when there was interest in Braun tax returns she at first stated that she won't release her tax returns because she "doesn't want to". Eventually she relented and when they saw how bad her finances were she attempted to distract from that to go to the seen where a teenager was shot.

Braun claimed this seen had been murdered. As it turned out however, this individual was in fact still alive when she made that statement. Way to keep a story going ex-Senator. It went from seeing how broke you are to how you can't get your facts in check.

And now a lot of people are recognizing that in a time where we need someone who is able to solve the problems Chicago is facing, Carol Moseley Braun is showing that she's not the one.

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