Monday, February 14, 2011

Carol Moseley Braun violates Godwin's law

When I saw this post over at the CapFax I didn't see Godwin's Law in the title believe it or not. Main item of note is that she make a botched joke about Rahm Emanuel.

She said Emanuel’s “so kind, so nice’’ image in his campaign commercials belied his record as a congressman of voting against 128 bills sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus and reminded her of the character in “The Producers,” who was “still in love with the Furher, which was Adolf Hitler,’’ she said.

She paused, waiting for the laughter.

It did not come.

“You don’t get the joke,’’ she said. “OK. We get the kind man, the gentle man on television and not the person who voted against $5 million for food aid to Africa.’’
She should leave the jokes to the comedians. Another item to note is that she didn't want to pay for a table at an event for Equality Illinois, an organization dedicated for gay rights. She seeking all the votes she can as a mayoral challenger doesn't believe she should have to pay money for access to voters.

Did you know Marathon Pundit has called her Carol Mostly Clown?

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gerard said...

...doesn't believe she should have to pay money for access to voters.

She obviously doesn't know how politics in Chicago works.

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