Monday, November 15, 2010

Rahm Emanuel's Tenant Rob Halpin Ends Mayoral Bid

Who is Rob Halpin exactly?
Rahm Emanuel's tenant at 4228 North Hermitage, the man who declined to void his lease and move out when Emanuel was moving back, will not pursue a candidacy for mayor, despite reports in the Chicago Tribune that he had been approached by encouraging supporters last week.
Well there were rumblings that he was going to run for Mayor against his landlord, but ultimately he chose not to pull the trigger. Of course we've heard about this news for a while, he started a little too late to get to circulating petitions. In the long run he realized that it started to cost too much:
In truth, Howington acknowledged in an interview with HuffPost Chicago, Halpin and his campaign team of friends and supporters simply got out of their depth. While many had offered their support if Halpin made the ballot, few were willing to fork over cash to help get him there, and the process began to look prohibitively expensive.

"The coup de grace was that the people we were going to engage in the signature drive, they kept amping up the cost of the service. At one point we were quoted low five figures; a couple of days later it was low six figures," Howington said. "And that was from an organization that prides itself on getting people on the ballot."
Would he have won? I doubt it, but there would've been some excitement. Right?

Also to note, today was the first day for candidates for various city offices to file petitions and even then the horse race doesn't end. You need advocates that will fight for you to stay on the ballot as in Chicago there are those who will find every technicality to knock you off the ballot!

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