Friday, October 22, 2010

Brady radio ad for Black audiences

As you know Bill Brady - Republican state senator from Bloomington, IL - is running for Governor of Illinois. I may well like him for governor, but I have to say this ad is odd. It's catchy but it's supposed to be geared for a particular audience, being Black Illinoisians. Of course, for the most part Blacks aren't likely to vote Republican because a particular candidate put out some soulful beats in a campaign ad.

At the same time, it's been said during the course of this campaign that Gov. Pat Quinn isn't doing that great amongst Blacks anyway. Some of the financial issues affecting state government is affecting a lot of the social service agencies that hasn't gotten their money from Springfield.

This is a tough election anyway. Brady hasn't really been able to run away with this race. Quinn has allowed this race to go down to the wire. They're both so bad that even CapFax's Rich Miller (who gets a hat-tip for this ad) wrote a column saying that he doesn't even know who he'll vote for. And at that he has all the info I could ever wish I had without subscribing to his newsletters.

All the same, I know that Quinn won't be getting my vote. He's an honest man who followed a very dishonest man and unfortunately I have little faith that Quinn can make the necessary adjustments in Illinois. Besides he's had close to two years to right the ship that his predecessor turned upside down and well we're not in good shape right now.

Whoever wins this election let's hope that happy days are here in Illinois again!

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