Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Mayor Daley to retire

I wasn't close to a TV set Tuesday to see that this news was so huge, local TV news departments broke into regularly scheduled programming to break the news to Chicagoland. To be sure this is huge, a man who has been in office for over two decades has just decided to up and retire.

It was somewhat expected because in recent years he has been taking a beating. At the same time if he had ran again he may not have a very tough go of it. He has been able to win recent elections with overwhelming margins. Who's to say he wouldn't next year? Especially if most of the people who could beat him chose not to run against him.

If he had ran again, surely that would be what would happen. Daley could intimidate people to not run against him. Now people are free to explore and make a run for the office on city hall's 5th floor. The next question is who?

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