Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jesse Jackson Jr. 'deeply sorry' about relationship

In my post yesterday I basically emphasized the statements made by an Indian-American businessman with regards to his role in the Senate seat scandal of Rod Blagojevich (Ousted governor). Well this story involves Jesse Jackson Jr. as he sought Obama's old Senate seat not long before Blago got pinched in December 2008.

It looks pretty bad as Congressman Jackson was willing to raise some money for Blago and that Nayak (the Indian-American businessman) said that he was willing to raise $1 million for Blago if he appointed Jackson. After Jackson was appointed then the Congressman would raise $5 more for Blago. Turning into a mess right.

Then we have this blonde haired social acquaintance, Giovana Huidobro. You know I didn't really read too much into that yesterday, but I did see that this blog landed some visitors googling her. But the Congressman made a statement regarding Ms. Huidobro:
"The reference to a social acquaintance is a private and personal matter between me and my wife that was handled some time ago," Jackson said in his statement. "I ask that you respect our privacy. I know I have disappointed some supporters, and for that I am deeply sorry. But I remain committed to serving my constituents and fighting on their behalf."
Whatever is going on, I can't say that it matters a lot to me. What matters more is whether or not Jackson made a move to get a US Senate appointment from Blago before he was arrested and impeached. This social acquaintance just added another dimension.

Of course, no one has come out and said that there was something going on between Congressman Jackson and this woman. If nothing was going on, why is the Congressman deeply sorry for something that didn't happen. If something was going on the only person who needs to apologize to is Ald. Sandi Jacskon, his wife.

What doesn't look good is that he directed Nayak to pay for Huidobro, a Washington, DC restaurant hostess, to fly to Chicago. Jackson - a member of the Congressional Black Caucus - could be opened up to a Congressional ethics investigation as this could be seen as a gift. Especially important is whether or not this gift is worth more than $50. At that Nayak is merely a third party in this scenario. This "gift" should've been reported.

Hmmm, I thought attachment to the Blago corruption was enough to dash any potential plan for Rep. Jackson to have upward mobility beyond the 2nd Congressional District. Now his role is starting to look worse by the day. Of course notwithstanding whatever relationship he has with Ms. Huidobro.

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