Monday, September 13, 2010

Daley retiring from City Hall is still news

Rich Miller writes a statewide syndicated column talking about the 2011 mayoral race's potential impact on the 2010 election.

Unknown Chicago history blog at ChicagoNow offers his thoughts on Mayor Daley's time in office and ponders why a biography hasn't been written for him as many have about his dad Richard J.

Charles Thomas at ABC7 talks about talking with the mayor not long after his announcement in terms of his first election in light of the death of Chicago's 1st black Mayor, Harold Washington.

Oh yeah we know one person in the race. The second person is serious, but all I need to know is WHY??? former US Senator Carol Moseley Braun.

Gay Chicago Magazine takes a look at possible candidates for Mayor. Also written by the Broken Heart himself who also wrote on his original blog that his Alderman, Joe Moore was considering a run for Mayor himself.

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