Monday, July 19, 2010

Special election for Obama's old Senate Seat

I've been wanting to post about this for a while. Last month, Chicagoist floated the idea of a special election held to fill the remaining time on Obama's old US Senate Seat. This seat is currently held by former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris.

You know this would be great if this has been fought for when this controversy first came up. Burris is already busted up for taking this seat from Ousted governor who is currently on trial for amongst other charges attempting to auction off a US Senate seat. There was a lot of hot air about not letting Burris get seated and I'm sure he really wanted it and wasn't giving it up easily. Ultimately the ones who insisted he not be seated backed off anyway!

While I didn't support his appointment back then I've had no problem with him just serving out the remaining time of his term. He was appointed in Dec. 2008 and was seated in January 2009, just before Obama's Presidential inauguration. Now people still seek to get him out of there!

You know what brought this to mind? Rich Miller wrote about this story last Friday. Burris would run in a special election so that he could finish Obama's Senate term. Not sure how I would feel about that given the fact that he had trouble to mount a bid to serve a full six years in the US Senate enough to not run for a full term this year.

Either way if there is to be a special election for even the last few months of this Senate term Burris should run. Not sure if winning this election would bring Burris back some respect in the political community, but for a guy with great historical significance to Blacks and the state of Illinois (he was the first Black to win statewide office) one last victory couldn't hurt. One could speculate what would've been had he not been so eager to take an appointment from such a reviled figure as Rod Blagojevich.

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