Sunday, July 11, 2010

Got to talk about my new BlackBerry 9700

I finally bit the bullet and bought that BlackBerry I wanted. I bought what I believed the most current phone I could find.

Well obviously there are some limitations to doing some of the things I do on  PC on a mobile phone. Some sights including my Blogger blogs aren't conducive to being accessed on the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Although some plusses is that I saved bookmarks to those sites that I know I would use especially local news sites, social networks, and even transit information.

I can check the radar and current weather conditions on the go. If I have any pictures I want to share on various social networking sites it's with better ease than with my previous phone. Especially if I can access those sites with applications or directly on the mobile versions of such sites.

The camera function I would like to play with a lot more. Even better there is a little card where the photos or video can be stored upon in addition to storing them directly onto the phone. At least that will save me the trouble of deleted images just to have space on the phone. Hopefully with a USB wire I can connect the phone to a computer and upload any pictures off of the phone to be saved elsewhere.

With this phone I got a Bluetooth Headset with it well the AT&T store wanted me to get some accessories with it, but it only increased the amount I was going to pay. If I got these accessories separately it might costs more, but then I didn't really care much about that. Especially if all I really cared about was a decent case to carry my phone in.

Anyway for the first time I decided to utilize the Motorola H270 Bluetooth device (picture at right) that came with my purchase. I don't necessarily like the design but it seems simple enough to use. I connected it to my phone with ease, but using voice recognition is going to take some work. And I got to get used to all the buttons as well.

Also, the voice recognition aspect of this device is going to take some getting used to. Once or twice the phone almost dialed an unintended number when attempting to place a call. I don't know if it has trouble with my own voice or there's just something wrong with that device.

Either way I'm very happy about the purchase. And with that memory card attached to it, I just got to say I may not have to carry a camcorder or a digital camera. It's still possible that a camcorder or camera will be a part of my equipment when I am waking about. ;)

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