Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another unsolved murder

This murder was of a much younger girl than the other young lady I posted about within the last two months.

Zack Issacs posted this video on YouTube last week about a vigil for Mya Lyons who was murdered two years ago. Unfortunately her murderer was never caught!

OK this is another murder that was publicized but has largely been forgotten. I posted about Kekah in May because the post about her murder still gets the comments.

Not as many comments for Mya, unfortunately. Although there hasn't been a lot of coverage for Mya, I had done one post in 2009 about a video with regards to her. This video was produced by a friend of Mr. Isaacs, Chicago community organizer Syron Smith.

Ah, we need to get some attention for both of these young girls. So that we can put their murders on course to closure. Hopefully there will be answers for their respective families!

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