Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More McDonald v. Chicago links

Second City Cop - McDonald Decision 

Posted the morning of the SCOTUS decision. And later yesterday evening was the recipient of an Instapundit link.
CHICAGO COP likes the McDonald decision, mocks Daley Administration.
Even posted that on The Sixth Ward's Facebook page as soon as I found it!

The Illinois Georgist - Guns, Drugs and Schools

Alright! Protect a citizen's right to self-defense, decriminalize narcotics, and school choice. This decision for them would open up other avenues for safer urban neighborhoods. An approach for "liberty-minded" politicos.

Tribune - Court took cheap shot at city's crime rate, Chicago officials contend

Found this link via Newsalert! Steve Bartin would just say that city officials aren't often used to criticism:
The ruling went on to state that if the petitioners are correct in asserting that law-abiding citizens feel their safety would be enhanced by having a handgun in their homes, then "the Second Amendment right protects the rights of minorities and other residents of high-crime areas whose needs are not being met by elected public officials.''

Chicago officials led by Mayor Richard Daley on Monday challenged the implication that the police were not providing enough protection for residents and that more guns in the hands of citizens would create a safer city.

"To suggest that Chicago's elected officials haven't done enough to protect our city residents shows that many of our highest-level officials don't understand that gun violence pervades America and not just Chicago," Daley said. "Across the country, cities are struggling with how to address the issue. Common sense tells you we need fewer guns on the streets, not more guns."
Garrard McClendon Live:  Colleen Lawson talks about gun ban

You know you can actually watch that interview here! Lawson is actually one of the other defendents in this Supreme Court case in addition to Otis McDonald an elderly man from Chicago's south side who is considered the lead defendant.
Chicago News Bench - Alert! Chicago City Council To Discuss Supreme Court Handgun Ruling

Very sharp writing as always:
It should be a good show. While you're there, notice that even as Mayor Daley speaks about the evil of guns, the City Hall chambers will be protected by people who have - you guessed it - guns. Daley's own bodyguards, positioned nearby, will be carrying guns. Aldermen are (were) excempted from the handgun ban, and so there's a good chance that a few of them will be packing heat, too.
That's right city alderman do have the priviledge of carrying heat. I know at least one however who claims that she doesn't carry.

Crimefiles: Why Daley Can’t Restrict Guns In Chicago Like In DC.
It’s been two years since the gun ban in the District of Columbia has been defeated. DC officials required training, testing, fingerprints, ballistic samples to obstruct would be gun owners. That crap will never work in Chicago. ... Chicago is very different since Chicago residents can buy guns from any dealer or private party in the State of Illinois and bring them into Chicago if they have a valid Illinois firearm owner’s identification card. The City of Chicago cannot prosecute you for a law they make after you bring the gun into the city or before they make their laws. They may make some reasonable requirements to allow you to register that gun but they have no control over how you obtain it.
I really would like to offer some thoughts, but offer some from before the gun bun was ruled upon by the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) and perhaps some after thoughts as well.

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