Saturday, May 08, 2010

Quinn hires a campaign manager

During the course of this 2010 campaign one of the gripes about Pat Quinn, the man who replace Ousted governor as Illinois Governor in 2009, was that he had no campaign manager. So now it appears that he's found one:
Gov. Patrick J. Quinn has hired a new campaign manager, but only after a more-prominent person turned down an offer, the Chicago News Cooperative has learned.

Mr. Quinn, above, had sought to recruit James Cauley, who managed Barack Obama’s 2004 campaign for the United States Senate, to lead his November campaign, but wound up with Ben Nuckels, the chief of staff to Wisconsin’s lieutenant governor.
Mr. Nuckels replaces John Kamis, who managed Mr. Quinn’s narrow victory in February’s Democratic primary. The governor trails the Republican nominee, Bill Brady, in recent polls by Rasmussen and Public Policy Polling.
The next question is will the race change as a result of him hiring a campaign manager? This race is a bit of a toss-up even if Illinois is largely a blue Democratic leaning state. And to be sure Brady seems to not be without his own negatives.

He opened his tax returns to the press a few weeks ago. In fact the same day as the Alexi Giannoulis' Broadway Bank was taken over by the FDIC. As late as Monday we're still talking about Brady's tax returns and what he should have paid taxes on.

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