Friday, April 02, 2010

VIDEO: "If you voted for Obama...Seek care elsewhere"

A doctor in Florida concerned about the detrimental effects of Obamacare places a sign in his practice telling Obama voters to seek care elsewhere. The sign further states the changes to your healthcare begin today not four years from now!

I just gotta say that I may feel like the two people interviewed in this clip over-reacted. To be sure I would be chilled to the bone if my doctor didn't like who I supported or what my views are. Although I would like to think most doctors who do their professional duty regardless of politics as I'm sure this doctor, urologist Jack Cassell, would offer welcoming care and would never turn anyone away.

OMG, I just saw Florida Congressman Alan Grayson in this clip chiming in on Dr. Cassell's sign. Because he expressed his view on this issue Dr. Cassell needs to check his conscious and to consider why they went into healthcare. Of course this coming from a guy who isn't a doctor himself.

As for that older black women is she affected because she supports President Obama and would she prefer that her doctor not express his thoughts on this issue? I think with Obama, people take their support of him to the next level.

If I dare have any inkling of opposition to the President I've quickly become a "hater". On Twitter I got a comment from a college classmate noting that I was anti-Obama and asking if I was a black Republican. Of course one needs not be a Republican to not have any support for Obama's agenda.

This older lady has the right to seek care elsewhere if she's not comfortable with her physician for any reason. I just hate for the reason to be over politics and this doctor's stance on this new healthcare reform law!

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