Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Entrepreneur teaches biz skills to artists

I got this funny idea once, that artists really aren't into the business aspects of what they do. They may even eschew business as part of what they do. Funny thing is they have to be good with business in order to make money. In this Crain's article it is said that art is an entrepreneurial endeavor.

It really is! Unless you got a job teaching art or you're lucky enough to do a comic strip or compose illustrations you're largely on your own! If you want to go down like Picasso, Warhol, or anyone like that you would do best on your own!

Well that's the point here. If you're an artist you might want someone to teach you how to use your skills so that you can be successful in that world. Hopefully such artists won't be penniless for their lifetimes only to discover that when they die their art can only be discovered.

Perhaps this course can teach the next Shepard Fairey!

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