Sunday, January 24, 2010

One inspiration for this blog

Years ago the inspiration to start this blog came from the time I largely posted at this website called Protest Warrior (PW). They had a webforum that consisted of people from different stripes debating ideology, international affairs, domestic policy, even the state of Hollywood.

Incidentally the website started from two young men Alan & Kfir who on a day in early February 2003 decided to take a sign similar to the one on the left, but actually crudely hand-drawn, and infiltrate an anti-war protest. You can see that exploit here in a series of pictures. After that they had some play on right-wing radio programs such as Rush Limbaugh.

Unfortunately the website is largely inactive. A relic of better days although the exploits and tactics live on. More important the activities of those who have engaged the "left" in those anti-war protests of yore. When they did, the world found out how peaceful these protesters actually were.

I almost believe that we need the Protest Warriors now more than ever. Although when they first started the agenda was as much about foreign affairs than domestic policy. Imagine if the same wit displayed at ant-war protests could also be used in the health-care debate for example, especially at the townhalls for the most liberal Congressmen. The Protest Warriors were without a doubt against any attempt to import European socialism here to the states. (BTW, read the manifesto!)

I've always hinted that I hold some conservative beliefs. While I may not have learned some of this from this website, it was more or less solidified by PW. I had to deal with conservatives of different stripes back then and for the most part I really miss that.

In comparison today, though I consider myself less of a conservative, I still hold some conservative beliefs. I just won't call myself a conservative anymore. My views of the world may vary, however, I prefer to call myself an independent, classical liberal or even a small L libertarian.

Anyway, this website was in part one inspiration for starting this blog back in early 2005. I hope this blog has inspired someone to take the plunge!

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