Monday, January 04, 2010

John Stossel's FOX Business special

On Dec. 17th of last year Stossel had a studio audience to discuss health care. John Mackey was his guest in this segment.

Remember his op/ed from the past summer? Well there was some upheaval as a result. There was a boycott, but it almost backfired.

Mackey says that he actually gained more sales and gained new customers. It seems that while there were those who were upset that he doesn't support more government control of health care. It also seems that there are those who agreed with his views on health care enough to shop at his stores. Or at the very least, they weren't as upset about his ideas on health care as those who were doing the boycotting.

There are more parts to this program. What you see is Part 3. There are seven parts to this video you can see them @ The Right Scoop.

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