Monday, January 18, 2010

Blog anniversary

How odd! It falls exactly onto Martin Luther King day. A three day weekend and it just hits me!

I know that I was talking about doing commentaries similar to what you might have found once or twice during year. Sometimes in making plans I find a way not to execute them. I need to fix that.

All the same, officially this blog has reached year five. A reader told me this is actually year six, but I'm going to number them my way. I'm aging this blog like I would age a child. Although at some point I'm going to lose track. I'll just say blog anniversary and I won't even count the years.

Anyway happy MLK day!

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monsterfilmer said...

Let's all get a white prostitute and cheat on our wives in commemoration!

However many misgivings he had, he did set a good example about how to speak your mind to whitey without using violence.

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