Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It just hits me!!!

It was one year ago today that Rod Blagojevich, who if he's ever mentioned around these parts is often referred to as Ousted governor, was arrested by the FBI. From January 2003 until January 29, 2009 he was the sitting Governor of Illinois. Today his successor and running mate Pat Quinn signed some ethics legislation into law.

I covered this rather heavily at The Sixth Ward from the beginning of the end to it's eventual conclusion. I just want to share this quip just one more time. :P
“Yesterday took part in a sit in, today sitting in jail. I can’t help but wonder what’s going through his head today…”

I’m innocent?
I wrote that over at the CapFax in response to another comment. I thought it was funny and it's a shame that I never showed it here.

A video collage of events (9 minute duration) during the late Blago administration was posted on YouTube by Rich Miller who's CapFax blog was shut down at times during the day of Blago's arrest to the day of his removal from office. Kudos for this video and his coverage during almost two month time frame.

While I rather hoped Illinois could have avoided this humiliation in 2006, we are living in the future that we could've have lived in 2007. Except that Pat Quinn would never have become Governor and Quinn's stewardship of Illinois hasn't been the best of times. At the same time it's great to have an honest man in office unlike the other guy he replaced.

He's still going to trial although there might be some legal kinks to work out but he will face his trial. Blago is still clueless about his legal troubles it seems, but for right now he's still getting attention. What we can say about him is that not only might he continue to deny the charges, but he will only continue to bring attention to himself.

BTW, I got to thinking about this one day. George Ryan may have been old school, but at least we could trust him. He may not have changed with the times and realized that he may one day be held accountable for what he either did or was involved with. At the same time he was effective as a Governor and was replaced by someone who was nowhere near effective and not trustworthy.

Honestly I'm less upset about Blago's corruption than I was about his effectiveness. Corruption should never be tolerated, but let's not forget that being Governor is a job first and foremost. Ethics is part of the job, but so is doing work. Blago didn't seem to work out as Governor and the state legislature found an excuse to get rid of him. Now since he ran afoul of the law the federal government will finish the job by sending him to prison.

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