Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The future

I don't remember where I watched this, but there was a segment on visions of the future. It might have been Andy Rooney giving his commentary at the end of one episode of 60 Minutes.

The visions of the future involved bathrooms turning into lounges. What's on my mind at current is the vision of the future where it was expected that workers may have less hours at work and more leisure time. I'm sure there are those of us who really would like that type of future.

I'm not sure if that's the future we're living. In fact there are a lot of us who wishes that was the future we're living in. Surely there are reasons why workers spend a lot of time at work and less time at leisure.

I have been watching C-Span on weekday mornings and there have been callers to Washington Journal who say that they work two or three jobs to make ends meet. A lot of them do this by necessity because they have bills to pay or they need health insurance and the job doesn't provide it or they have children to provide for. One caller in particular said that she wasn't doing well at all with the arrangement of two jobs where the only thing that suffered was her sleep. She didn't even have enough time to sleep.

Surely she would like to see that vision of the future.

In any event, I used to have the view that no one really likes to work. Eventually that view has changed. Why do people work at jobs they may not really care for?

That would be exactly my point. A lot of people do it by necessity and some do it to start their working careers. Not all of us are able to get the dream jobs we wanted after college.

Well my view has gone from people don't like to work to people want to find something satisfying. As far as the world of work goes, I haven't found that yet. I may have missed those opportunity if they were presented to me. At the same time I would like to have less work and more leisure in my future.

Sadly that leisure can only result in less income. Of course another train of thought on this is all about whether or not determining income is more satisfying than enjoying what one does in life.

Hopefully we can all strike that nice balance. I hope we all have the leisure and that we all enjoy what we do for a living in our lives.

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