Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christian teacher lost her job after being told praying for sick girl 'was bullying'

Olive Jones, 54, said she had been made to feel like a criminal, and claimed that Christians were being persecuted due to 'political correctness'.

Mrs Jones, who taught children not well enough to attend school, said that after she raised the topic of prayer during a visit to a 12-year-old's house, the girl's mother lodged a complaint.

Just hours later, said Mrs Jones, her boss told her she would no longer be working for Oak Hill Short Stay School and Tuition Service, in Nailsea, Somerset.

She said managers had ruled her comments could be perceived as 'bullying'.

Mrs Jones had told the girl and her mother that there were people praying for them. She said: 'I asked the child if I could pray for her. She looked at her mother, who said, "We come from a family who do not believe", so I did not pray.'
OK, how can praying be considered bullying. She at least respected the wishes of that family who aren't Christians. It's almost as if some people can't handle those who are religious. Sounds like a gross over reaction to me! Unfortunate!

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