Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Black women unmarried

A report from Nightline that I was able to find on YouTube.

On this same subject Zack Issacs has this to say:
Last week, ABC News featured a special report about why so many African-American professional women are unmarried . As a journalist, I felt that it was a very timely and engaging report. But as a private citizen, I have few concerns with the research.

One idea from the report that black women outnumber black men is a bit preposterous. You must take into account that the U.S. census has always been disproportionately skewed when it comes to recording minorities. According to one source, the probability for error usually comes from ambiguity in classifying ethnicity. This could be because the census employees are careless, the survey participant is not paying attention, or the country's melting pot makes it hard to choose a race.
Plus, the story omits people like me: Single, Black, Educated Men.
Still, because of my physical characteristics, a lot of those black women who complain about the dearth of eligible men will most likely look over me.

It's not always about romantic confidence if you are courting a woman, it's about social convenience. I can want a black woman to accept me for who I am all I want, but if all they care about is the height of a man- disappointment shall ensue.

Average height for a man is around 5'9 to 5'11, depending upon which source you use. So, if black women think that finding a good man alone is impossible- they will be disturbed to see how many good men are 6'3 and up.

That's the problem with specificity. When you narrow things down, that's exactly what you do: you narrow things down. Some of these women think that having standards will open the dating pool. To the contrary, those things shrink the dating pool into the relative size of a finger bowl- philosophically speaking.
Could that be the crux of this "issue"? Well it might be one aspect amongst many.

BTW, the statements in bold are what I want to emphasize!

Anyway Steve Harvey brings up an important point. The older men haven't schooled the young men on dating and relationships. I had to consider who in my life could have schooled me on that and there weren't many.

I'm not sure my dad could've been trusted to provide me with some info. Admittedly I could ask one too many questions and that could leave anyone flustered. Him included and what would happen is that if my question didn't make any sense to him he would deride it as stupid. Although the question may have been a good question it may well just be an answer he couldn't provide.

My older brother well he may have made attempts, but for the most part they didn't take. When I was 13 or so, he's 11 years older and was out courting himself, he attempted to discuss with me p*ssy money. Didn't get it. I was in no way concerned or perhaps even ready to even consider such stuff. My young mind couldn't wrap itself around such concepts of dating and such. Of course that wasn't to say I wasn't interested in girls, I just wasn't ready for the whole dating thing at that point.

Anyway, if you're a single black woman, what exactly are you waiting for before you get married?

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