Saturday, November 14, 2009

Charles Payne visits his old Manhattan neighborhood

Visits with radio & TV personality Glenn Beck (he just so happens to be on FOX News Channel). Charles Payne is a frequent guest on FOX's Glenn Beck show and yesterday Beck and Payne visited Harlem where Payne grew up. Payne talked a lot about his young life and how he wanted to be a businessman, a vision not shared by his peers and they made him suffer for it. Of course one can only wonder where his peers are today.

Well he shouldn't have to waste time on it. He's on TV and has his own business so take that to those of you who decided to make his life difficult because he had his own vision divergent from Payne's. Believe it or not it's a story you hear about, young people from the ghetto has visions of going to college and making it in life.

At the same time you have to deal with people who have great uncertainty about their own lives that they aren't able to imagine that anyone has a positive vision for where they want to go. So they may make fun of you for doing what it takes to be successful. I've heard that people were made fun of for making excellent grades, speaking proper English. Beating someone up for that is an extreme, but it shouldn't surprise me because there are those who are into intimidation.

In Charles Payne's case he was happy to have gotten a briefcase as a gift and someone decided to bust it open. Does this make sense to anyone? Someone who knew him did that probably. It could've been an accident, but also out of "hate". That being who does he think he is with that briefcase!

The one aspect of this video I want to address is at 4:35 into this video where he talks about voting for Obama out of obligation for Civil Rights heros such as Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, or Medgar Evers. Then expresses his disappointment in President Obama.

I'm much younger than Payne and I don't have a great connection with the Civil Rights movement and who knows it would have influence me if I did have that connection. However, it forced me to confront why I chose not to cast a ballot for the President last November. Would it be right to cast a ballot for those Civil Rights leaders? Would it be an insult to them if I voted for someone who I felt wasn't "qualified" to be President?

I put qualified in quotes because I'm putting my own spin on it. Obama fits the general requirements for the presidency (although some may still believe the controversy over his birth certificate), but for me I wanted to see a little more than his time as a community organizer, a state Senator, or even a very brief time in the US Senate. I wanted some indication of leadership experience that I wasn't seeing from Obama, even if he was leading a winning Presidential campaign. Not sure that takes much leadership if you got a great team around you.

I believe that before he ran for the Presidency he was the chair of a foreign policy sub-committee that had never held a hearing. That could've been some leadership experience but sadly he neglected that one possibility. Of course we couldn't have known that at the time. He generated a certain excitement that may not have been seen in politics for a long time and he's still generate a certain passion either in support of him or opposed to him. Although it seems the passion is opposed to him.

Either way, I didn't want to vote for him based on this dream of a black President. I wanted to vote for the best man for the job and I felt that Obama wasn't it, but don't get me wrong there were some things I admired about him. I admired that he generated some passion towards him and had charisma the ability to draw people to him. That wasn't enough for me to vote for him, but it certainly wasn't seen by me as a negative.

Of course I feel more justified in that opinion. He has another 3 years to turn things around and I'm not certain that he can. But no one can say that I or others who may not have been certain about what he'd do as President didn't give him a chance.

BTW, when you get the chance you should watch Beck's program geared towards Black Conservatives that aired yesterday. I would also refer you to another Beck segment filmed in Harlem where he talks to a Black Marine who believes that Obama is unfit to be Commander in Chief.

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Charles said...

I saw this show. Charles Payne impresses me with his smarts and common sense. And when he told the story about his briefcase being stolen and destroyed, and how hard his mom worked to pay for it, he still has pain about it. That is how much it affected him. And I don't blame him one bit to still be bitter. You could see it in his eyes, and hear it in his voice. I admire this guy to achieve like he has. Great blog.

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