Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Porch monkeys"

Zonation takes on the epithet offered by Warren Ballentine to Juan Williams on FNC's O'Reilly Factor Thursday night. I heard Ballentine's comment telling Williams to "get back on the porch". I knew it had some context but unsure as to what that context was. Either way Williams guest hosted Bill O'Reilly's show on Friday night and O'Reilly was back tonight to discuss with Williams and Mary Katherine Ham.

The more it is over analyzed the more it's apparent that this really was an offensive thing to say. Zo in this video says that Ballentine was effectively calling Williams a "porch monkey". It was his way of saying that he didn't like the fact that Williams wasn't agreeing with him.

Also lost in that debate on Thursday night was Ballentine's reference to "real black people". Another way of saying that Ballentine believes that most blacks will be likely to agree with him and dismiss those who don't.

As far as political differences in the black community it's unfortunate that there are those who choose to go this route. We could agree to disagree but why take the whole if you disagree with the "prevailing opinion" of black folks then something is wrong with you. So in my learning experience this is another instance of nastiness when two blacks may not agree with each other.

BTW, Juan is in no way a conservative but he was on the wrong side of this debate. These terms could be just as easily used against black conservatives or anyone who may not adhere to the generally progressive, liberal, or Democratic establishment amongst blacks. Also this segment was basically over the news regarding Rush Limbaugh and his attempt to own an interesting in the St. Louis Rams.

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