Monday, August 17, 2009

Pro wrestler and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle arrested for possessing human growth hormone

A few years back Kurt Angle left WWE (WWF) due to personal reasons. Then in a short time he was in TNA back in the game. It seemed as if he was taking a sabbatical to handle his personal problems only to get back into the business a short time later.

And then this happens!
Angle was arrested Saturday, just 1-1/2 hours after body-slamming beauty Rhaka Khan obtained a restraining order against him and he tracked her down to a suburban Pittsburgh strip mall, police said.

Compounding Angle's troubles, cops found two vials of the human growth hormone Hygetropin and syringes in his car.

They also pinned him for driving with a suspended license.

Khan, 26, whose real name is Trenesha Biggers, called cops on her cell phone after she saw Angle menacing her from the parking lot of a Robinson Town Center strip mall, where she had gone to a Starbucks to check her e-mail.

Leaving the coffee shop, she saw Angle driving around the parking lot. The hulking female grappler says she sought refuge in a supermarket and dialed 911 on her cell phone, police said.

"She saw Angle circle the parking lot three times, staring at her," a police report reveals.
This is starting to get a little creepy. Well it's beyond a little creepy. I hope Kurt gets some help because it appears that he really needs it!

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