Wednesday, July 01, 2009

An answer to Garafalo on "tea parties" being racist

Heh, I haven't really been following these protests consistently, but I have seen pics of many of these events. Just do a search at Instapundit and pics are provided of tea party events around the nation. We're not talking about merely angry white people upset that a black man is President of the United States, but in a lot of these pics you'll see some black faces.

How many of us are really upset about the spending by the current administration. The various stimulus programs started by this administration and the growing deficit because of it. It leads me to suggest that if we're seeing a black woman represent a tea party movement in Dallas, Texas and others involved in some way around the nation something is really up.

It might shake the notion that blacks are all for Obama. They may not be, but for different reasons. Perhaps Obama doesn't have experience or perhaps he's under someone else's thumb. Perhaps they may genuinely be opposed to his policies. I'm sure someone out there knows the answer or an answer.

Anyway this beautiful young lady invited comedienne Janeane Garafalo to a tea party protest after making the comment that these protestors are ignorant of US history and called them rednecks who are against a black man as President. You know I don't know why anyone would listen to her, she's merely an entertainer who should stick with entertaining. She's not likely to say anything earth shattering that will really get people thinking.

On the other hand it would be something if we were talking about an academic who was saying that. I might look at such a person differently only that I would be surprised that this academic, a professor at a top university, would ever get caught saying such a thing on camera or in front of a microphone.

Anyway this vid's duration is about 4 minutes!

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