Friday, June 19, 2009

NASA's mission to bomb the Moon

Scientific American:
NASA will tomorrow launch a spectacular mission to bomb the Moon. Their LCROSS mission will blast off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying a missile that will blast a hole in the lunar surface at twice the speed of a bullet. The missile, a Centaur rocket, will be steered by a shepherding spacecraft that will guide it towards its target - a crater close to the Moon's south pole. Scientists expect the blast to be so powerful that a huge plume of debris will be ejected.
Heh, worst case scenario, NASA has discovered "red matter" that moon would destroy itself. Oh and "red matter" would be a reference to the new Star Trek movie!

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Anonymous said...

Stupidity in the highest? That's all i can say, "absolute unadulterated stupidity" We already know that the moon is a worthless lifeless rock in the vacuum of space, with no atmosphere. Which equals no protective shield against those other threatening bodies in space.

Large & small meteors smash into the surface of the moon on a 48-hour basis,creating crater after crater after crater. This little pipsqueak of a missile we'll probably make a pop instead of a big bang... !!!No BIG CONCERN!!!

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