Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's back!

Unconventional Wisdom but at a different address.

Feeds will be back up and running soon.

If you want my advice on WordPress (WP), the programs that UW utilizes, I would recommend it. Blogger is a great service, but it's more of a beginner's service. You have to be very tech saavy to want to use WP. If you upload this program onto a server you're essentially on your own to solve most of your problems, although there is certainly a community of users out there who will help you with your problems if you need them.

It's very customizable with plugins catering to your varying needs. These are plug-ins we're talking about and they can be used to. I think as far as upgrading a blog, Blogger is easier. Especially if you had to figure out codes, something that i don't have extensive experience. WP has ease in other areas.

To me Moveable Type (MT), what's used at Gaper's Block is much more difficult than WP. Although indeed I've never had to install MT. I've only had the pleasure of using WP and that can be hard work.

With this site I look forward to doing some of things that I can do if I ever use WP for one of the other blogs I could port onto a domain name one day. Today after reinstalling a newer version of WP I uploaded some programs that I hope to use in the future. Especially vPiP that I can use on WP and Blogger to share videos that I don't host on YouTube.

As a matter of fact I tweaked a Blogger Blog that I have with vPiP just to see if it was useable and thankfully that experiment was a success. So hopefully I can do that over at UW as well.

I hope you enjoy the experiment.

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