Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I wonder

Since maybe the weekend my followers has gone from only four to 11. There's one minor problem, most of them don't seem legit. They seem like spam blogs or spam accounts and I'm tempted to just block them and I would only hope that results in the number of followers I have.

If you're legit you're more than welcome to follow me. If you seem like a spamming bot then expect to be blocked. This is especially addressed to people who are human who are spamming.

Just a fair warning.


Skurry said...

Skurry is legit... fellow chicagoan, just started a logan square blog

Levois said...

Thanks for following and thanks for commenting. I hope to see you around more. Since you're a neighborhood blogger, I hope you'll check out The Sixth Ward as well. That's another of my blogs that's devoted to a neighborhood.

Skurry said...

Excellent, I have been looking for more local community blogs. Thank you!

Missy Eastlake said...

Missy Eastlake is legit too. I look in on your blog every day so now I guess I'll just follow you. I like a blog that makes me evaluate my beliefs as you so often do.

Levois said...

LOL! Thanks, I look forward to seeing my new fans commenting. :)

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