Sunday, March 29, 2009

A sports ritual

The national rugby football team of New Zealand, the All-Blacks, perform the Haka war dance. Remember once upon a time before British settlement of NZ, the islands that make up that nation were dominated by the Maori, a native polynesian people. Of course these days the majority there are likely to have been descended from the British Isles than Maori.

Well anyway enough of the historical and sociological lesson.

You know I wonder what happened to being able to watch these exotic sports on cable TV. On the old Sport Channel was my first taste of Australian Rules Football, Rugby Football, and even Gaelic Football. I wonder why ESPN or even Comcast Sports don't even air these sports anymore.

On ESPN an example of an exotic sport is either a strongman competition or watching a lumberjack quickly cut up a log with his chainsaw. I wonder why we don't see these foreign sports on these networks anymore. Surely they can't continue to show or discuss typical American sports on the networks all day.

You can also watch the video here!

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