Saturday, March 21, 2009


Probably since I was home for Christmas break I've often partaken in popping some of this flavor popcorn. It's really good and has really sweetened my popcorn pallet. Of course it's done without having to either buy some Cracker Jacks or going to Garrett's.

I would have to buy the variety that can be popped in a microwave, unfortunately, I have to contend with the idea that microwaveable popcorn is laced with an artificial sweetener, sucralose. I'm a little concerned about that, but kettlecorn is still so good! The reason sucralose is used in most microwaveable kettlecorn is because real sugar has a tendency to scorch in the microwave. Most of us doesn't like to burn our popcorn in the microwave anyway!

In any case I've been wanting to find some alternatives to using the microwave popcorn. I don't always hear good things about artificial sweetener as far as health goes. I want to go back to when we would make popcorn either over a stove or using a popper. Then I have to figure out how to flavor this corn with the sugar and salt that makes for some good kettlecorn. Yeah I've been in a sort of DIY (do it yourself) mode for quite a while.

Today, when I left the school bookstore I bought a bag of kettlecorn from the Popcorn, Indiana brand. I had some and it almost reminded me of eating cracker jacks. The popcorn was very sweet and I would dare say that it's even sweeter than what I have been eating. It was also saltier, which I think kettlecorn is supposed to be, both a balance of sweet and salty.

Now I want to know where I can buy this when I'm home in Chicago or if they're at all available in much larger bags! Still I want to make my own kettlecorn and see what I can do. It might be more satisfying that way.

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