Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saw the Oath and inauguration speech

A lot of good notes and it kept my attention. I was supposed to be at least 15 minutes and it hit a lot of good American values. He talks up the many things that make our nation great. Especially mentioning the important issues of war, heath care, education and energy.

When Itzack Pearlman was playing his musical number at about Noon EST, Wolf Blitzer on CNN announced that at Noon Barack Obama became the President of the United States. It was sometime after 5 mins past when it was time to administer the Oath to Barack Obama. Had no idea that it was official after Noon on Inauguration day with or without the Oath of office.

I also enjoyed the rendition of My Country Tis of Thee by Aretha Franklin just before Vice-President Joe Biden took his oath. This day was certainly a festive occasion with America inaugurating the first African-American President. Or I prefer the term black!

I was in Douglass Hall on the Morehouse campus to watch the inauguration. I was largely in my dorm to see the lead-up to that moment. I was largely watching the live feed from C-Span and ABC News on my roommates HD-TV. The cafeteria was decorated in patriotic regalia with stars, bunting, and even Uncle Sam's Patriotic Hat.

Douglass Hall was packed there were reporters there. A camera from a local TV station and when I left there was a reporter there ready to make a report with his microphone. There was another man with his notepad from Dow Jones. I saw his identification and there were Morehouse staff who were there with their consumer point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders. Also there were people there recording the proceedings on their smartphones.

When Obama was introduced there was applause but some on the staff made us stand for him anyway. We may not have been there but they said we should still give him his respect and that we shouldn't take this moment for granted. America's first black President.

It was pandemonium on Election Night today was more sedate. Yeah people were happy about Obama for whatever their reasons are, but it was a bit more dignified at Douglass. Indeed I heard on TV the Obama chants, but not as much as there were for Obama during his campaign speeches.

When the oath was administered, the President seemed to flub his lines a little. Perhaps he was a little nervous. I think I would be too even if I really wanted to be President. Execute the office of President faithfully, he said at one point.

In any event this day is over. The anticipation is over. People get to see this moment in person whether they're excited about a Black President or they really believe in President Obama.

I almost forgot that was a great prayer by Rick Warren today! A lot allusion to the difficult road of Black Americans. Mention of Obama's roots as the son of an African immigrant and to the past of segregation and racism and slavery.

Oh one more tidbit. The TVs in Douglass was set to three different channels. I was watching a TV set for MSNBC, C-Span, and CNN. While I was watching the TV set to MSNBC, I was actually listening to audio from CNN. It was easier to just listen and see the lips move in slow sync to the audio. LOL!

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