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Sunday, January 04, 2009

More thoughts on the election of Barack Obama president

I wrote this perhaps a week or so after his election. I sort of wrote it at the time when Obama hero worship was at its height. It's died down by now a little and the moment of his inauguration is upon us. I look forward to it, but these were my thoughts as I sought to address those who may have opposed Obama and those who supported Obama all the way!

I post this with the idea that I hope that I can get everyone thinking.

Election night was historic. Yeah we elected a black President, although that doesn't matter to me, only because I expect a President to an excellent job beyond these labels we might place upon them. I don't intend to hamstring the President-elect as being the first black President, I just want him to be MY President or OUR President.

Also I would like to see how Obama did as far as the youth vote went. It was said that McCain did well amongst senior citizens, but that's not important. The youth certainly helped to put the President-elect over the top in this campaign. For those of you who worked in the Obama campaign, I will say that your hard work paid off. Excellent job and you should be proud of yourselves.

Personally Obama wasn't my candidate. I really didn't have one. I was concerned about Obama and by the time election day came around I still wasn't sold. That only means Obama has four years to earn my vote. I'll give him a chance as MY president, but I have the right to be critical.

Also I don't expect the world from Obama so I won't ask for too much. Change sounds great, but I'm concerned about what this change consists of.

I saw video of Obama talking to Joe the Plumber. In my opinion what Obama indicated as his tax plan isn't exactly something most of us have never heard. It's something that have been talked about with differing tax thresholds over the years. It still reeks of a form of not only class warfare, but it just plain sounds too good to be true.

I want to note that change comes from so many different activities it doesn't start with electing Obama because I don't know what type of change he'll bring. The only change I see is that the President-elect is not a white man. To me that's more symbolic than anything else, so what other change is he going to bring when he finally moves into the White House.

Don't get me wrong I want to see change. Change comes from everywhere and not just from Barack Obama. Change can come from us, and not just by voting in a man for whom we might have great expectations of him.

It comes from getting involved and I intend to be more involved in the political process in the future. For some of you the nation didn't go the direction you want it to, but change can involve you as well. Get out there and don't just vote convince others to vote and if you're really good with the gift of persuasion get them to vote your way. Let me tell you that is going to be my goal, to get more involved. I sincerely hope for many of you this will be the start.

I'm going to watch what happens in the future Obama administration. I wish him not only congratulations, but also the best of luck. At this moment in time he is dealing with some deep problems both economically or militarily. I sincerely hope that he will be able to weather them even if there is no indication from what I've seen that he will.

These next four years are going to be very interesting, aren't they?

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