Sunday, January 18, 2009

Four year anniversary

In posting my thoughts about Roland Burris this morning I forgot that today was the day to commemorate the start of this blog! 

I'm going to actually start this off right. I didn't do one last year and if you were waiting for such a post it came much later like in the summer. At that point it basically didn't matter and no one commented.

The New Year's post probably is more of an anniversary post discussing how this blog has changed over the years. It probably will continue to evolve as time goes forward. What fresh ideas can come to this blog in this latest anniversary.

Well one possible idea is that I may post original videos here. Gives me an excuse to be creative and learn some editing or other video tricks. I've already found myself in the realm of sharing my photographs, why not video as well. One of my favorite pasttimes is to view video blogs. I should become more about of the world myself. Of course what may be offered may not be exciting itself.

Another thing I try to do is talk less about Chicago and Illinois. See that's how this blog got seriously noticed otherwise it would've been nothing more than a hobby so to speak. Well it still is since there is no income being drawn for this and this site is largely advertising free. I do use Google Ads over at The Sixth Ward which covers issues at the neighborhood, city, county and state levels.

In any event my goal is to basically treat this blog like it was in it's first year. I don't have to post frequently, but I hope that those who do drop by will drop by and read my offerings. Return visitors would be nice of course and links are also great. That won't be a driving force for this blog however. Hopefully when people read the blog they can bring something with them.

Either way keep reading the posts may become frequent or semi-frequent. They may come at least 3-times a day or on once daily. Lately I make one post daily. Let's see what year four will bring. For those who have been around since either day one or later than that, thanks for dropping by.

The very first post once again!

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catchingupat20 said...

I have been reading your blog for a few months and I have enjoyed it. I am also a firm believer in the phrase "write what you know." If you are from Chicago, if that is what you know, then continue to focus there. I am unfamiliar with the city, and as an urban studies major, i am always interested in reading your take on area politics and issues.

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