Monday, November 17, 2008

Who'll Cause Obama's First 3 a.m. Call?

Remember that ad from the recently concluded campaign. Actually it was released during the Democratic primaries with Hillary Clinton highlighting that she can be trusted to answer that 3 AM call over the future President-elect Barack Obama. Well now we know who'll have to answer that early morning call and Real Clear World, a division of Real Clear Politics, has already started to ponder this subject:
Indeed, throughout his two-year campaign for the most powerful office in the world, Obama's lack of executive experience was almost always Topic No. 1. And his virtual blank slate pertaining to foreign policy produced more attack lines by his opponents than anything else.

During the Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton made much hay when she unleashed the famed "3 a.m. call" television ad questioning whether a nation at war could risk electing someone so green as its leader. She made dramatic gains following the ad's unveiling, taking Obama to the wire in a spirited intra-party fight.

With an electorate more concerned about the current financial crisis and other more pressing domestic issues, Obama beat McCain comfortably to win the election. But the world's bad actors and flash points will not simply go away. Fortunately for him, some of the potential problems will remain more long-term and less urgent, such as China, India and Brazil; while others, such as Venezuela, Cuba and Africa, will not be strategically pressing enough to warrant emergency actions.

So just who'll be responsible for Obama's first 3 a.m. phone call at the White House?
Included is this piece is the ad in question. In any event the future is here. Now we have to consider if Obama is available to answer that late night/early morning call. Indeed how he will respond.

I just remember that he has another four years to earn my vote. I'm only speaking for me, because he surely has to earn the votes of others again four years from now.

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John Ruberry said...

I think it will be a Syrian invasion of Lebanon that could generate that 3am call.

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