Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama wins the presidency

And McCain takes the shellacking of his life!

Well neither one was really my candidate and unfortunately the reasons for voting for either one was entirely varied. For some it was the lesser of two evils, for others it was experience, and for some still it was the race factor. Or perhaps for others still they like one candidate more than the other.

Whatever your reason Obama has won it. Some look at it with a sense of dread, but it has nothing to do with Obama's race. It certainly might have more to do with his background or uncertainty about an Obama presidency and what he might do. Indeed he has offered some hints and has caused speculation from the paranoid to the supporter.

I'm uncertain. I told you last night that the schools of the Atlanta University Center was overwhelmed last night. I got caught up in it because I with some guys banging on a drum telling the world that Obama has done it and offered a prayer for him and his family.

I think the next four years will likely be interesting. His race will have nothing to do with it for me. If he's a sucess or a disappointment his race will have nothing to do with it. At least it shouldn't! The sucess or failure of his presidency will be on his. Perhaps the first step was the selection of Joe Biden. Don't forget about my post on VP candidates from the summer.

For those who may read this blog on the right-wing. I feel your pain, but there has to be some redefinition. Somehow you have to get the younger folks to vote for you. Would this race be different if you had a Ron Paul running against Barack Obama? Could Congressman Paul have excited the conservative base?

Also is Obama's election as President a sign that America has rejected big government Republicanism? I saw that in an e-mail this morning. Some will say that Bush's "War on Terror" and his expansion of government certainly didn't help Republicans and is probably one reason why the Congress isn't controlled by the Republicans. Because the Republican Congress failed to stop Bush!

I want to harp on Change also. What is this change? OK Obama represents change as he's of a new generation, but then what? Someof what he said isn't much different than what any other Democratic pol has said over the years. I would guess that it will be more of the same even if Obama proves himself to be a pragmatist. In fact let me point you this rather sarcastic post at the Broken Heart of Roger's Park.

People hope for all these wonderful things and Obama is offering the world to a lot of people. I'm not sure he'll deliver but people will eat it up anyway. He has charisma and while charisma does only go so far it might catch him quite a few breaks in the next four years.

The future is NOW. Let's see what happens. Whatever happens we can start preparing for the next few years. Perhaps the opposition will retool or Obama will prove himself an able President. So much anticipation and so much things to do from here on out! Where do we begin?

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knowitall said...

So much for change when the left-wing illuminati administration is being made up of failed Clinton workers.

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