Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thoughts on a proposed new school

It been in the news during the week that CPS is making plans for a school that is to be a safe learning environment for homosexual students. I'm happy to see some sanity come in for this proposal:
Conservatives say the Social Justice High School-Pride Campus would be a misuse of public funds and require administrators to take a moral stance on homosexuality, a judgment well above their pay grade. Even some gay rights advocates argue that isolating the gay and lesbian population from the mainstream would be damaging and prevent different groups of students from learning to interact.

"If we're going to set up a separate school, let's put the bullies in the school and not our gay kids," said Rick Garcia, public policy director of Equality Illinois, the state's largest gay rights group. "Kids should be able to go to school in a safe environment wherever they are."
Garcia is right. I've said this once or twice on the blog myself. Indeed I go further. My plan is not necessarily to place bullies in another school, but to just kick them out of school. Especially the ones who's only purpose is to disrupt class and prey on their fellow student. Ahem! Regardless of sexual orientation.

That reminds me I wonder how safe our schools are. Especially when we go to our neighborhood schools. Might some of these students regardless of their sexual orientation need a safe learning environment. Then why not focus on that? Why not focus on making our schools a safe learning environment for ALL students?

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