Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Rev. Wright in sex scandal???


OK, I still had some semblance of respect for the old pastor, but man I'll be damned if this is true! I mean seriously, men or women of the cloth are still human, but there are just some standards they have to adhere to. Think about it, how can you preach about not being adulterous or not fornicating if you're engaging in that activity yourself.

NY Post:
Elizabeth Payne, 37, said she had a steamy sexual affair with thecontroversial, racially divisive man of the cloth while she was anexecutive assistant at a church headed by a popular Wright protégé.

When word of the unholy alliance got out, Payne's husband dumpedher, and she was canned from the plum job at Friendship-West BaptistChurch, she told The Post.
"I was involved with Rev. Wright, and that's why I lost my job and why my husband divorced me," Payne said.

She refused to reveal when the adulterous affair started or how she met Wright.
But fellow churchgoers at Friendship-West "found out about the affair in the spring," Payne said.

At the time, she was secretary to the Rev. Frederick Haynes III, a longtime Wright disciple.
Here's more, it makes it much worse for me. I'm not a follower mind you, but if this is true this is very unfortunate:
Payne's husband, Fred Payne, 64, said he learned of the affair inlate February, when he discovered e-mails between his wife and Wright.

"There must have been about 80 of them, back and forth," he said."Wright said things like he was going to leave his wife for Elizabeth."

Wright has been married to his second wife, Ramah, for more than 20 years.

The preacher reportedly wooed Ramah away from her first husband inthe 1980s, when the couple came to marriage counseling at Wright'sTrinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

After discovering he had been cuckolded, Fred Payne, who hadmarried Elizabeth in October 2006, headed straight for divorce court.

"I was downright mad about this bull- - - -," said Fred, who saidhe is "in the oil and gas business," belongs to a hunting club andmakes his own bullets in his garage.
His second wife was reportedly taken from her first husband. That's bold, let me tell you! I wish I can tell you how play this story will get. He isn't Obama's pastor any more so I would imagine this story wouldn't make the news unless of course this was considered local news only.

Via Instapundit!

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