Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Morehouse Political Science Department upheaval

I talked a little about what's going on in the dept. last spring when I took a pair of courses and one of my professors who is also the Chairman of the dept. shared some inside information about what was going on. Taking the course I knew that one of the faculty, she also taught my political theory class last semester was leaving the school. Unfortunately I finally found out in the Maroon Tiger that she wasn't the last to resign from the dept.:
During that September 8th session with underclassmen, Dr. Gregory Hall announced that he is searching for new professors, encouraging administration to increase salaries for Spring adjunct professors, and working to ensure that students receive the credits they need. In the meantime, the chairman said, students must stay abreast of their courses, communicate, and "demand accountability" from both him and school administration.

Led by Hall, the Political Science department has been struggling toright itself ever since the summer departures of three professors.

In May, Dr. Sharon Vaughan resigned. Vaughan, a Political Theory professor, was popular among students.

Senior Joshua Harris said, "[She] was a tremendous advantage and asset to the department. To lose her meant losing one of the most qualified professors that has taught me."

According to Hall, Vaughan submitted her resignation in the Fall,but the department has had trouble finding an adequate theorist to replace her. He explained, "Finding a good, committed, well-developed theorist is perhaps the most challenging task we face."

The inability to replace Vaughan, Hall believes, may have been just as damaging as what happened next.

The month after Vaughan cleaned out her office, Dr. Hamid Taqi suddenly left Morehouse. In July, Dr. Abraham Davis followed.
Well, I wonder what's up with that. Dr. Davis explained a little more. He himself was a popular professor. He taught a course Constitutional Law that faded many a student. They called him "Dr. Death" because that was one course that a student shouldn't mess around with, although they may try anyway. Anyway Dr. Davis left after serving 41 years as a professor, he was one of the last hires of Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays, who was President of Morehouse College:
He said of his departure, "I left based on my own decision." He added, "It [the problem] started with the Massey administration and continued with the Franklin administration. They know why I left and they should level with the students."

Davis declined to go into further detail about his reason for leaving, though he did express regret about the situation and criticized school administration.

"I wish students the best and I feel very badly for students because some were seniors. They really left students in a bad way."
I really had no idea about where the Political Science Dept. stood at the school. I had no idea that Pol. Sci, is the second largest at the school. Probably the second largest behind the Business Dept. At that I learned last semester than many Pol. Sci. majors had left the Business Dept. Business is a demanding major and I must add that I'm surprised that Biology isn't number 2 or at least up there as far as those with declared majors.

I should add, I intend to be at that meeting for upperclassmen. I hope the ship can be righted soon.


Anonymous said...

Is there any reason to believe that the other departures were related to Vaughan's resignation???

Levois said...

I highly doubt it. The many reasons or rumors I've heard about the other two faculty who left the dept. doesn't suggest that it had anything to do with Vaughan's departure.

Anonymous said...

So does anyone know why Vaughan resigned yet?

Levois said...

One thing I have heard is that her decision to resign had to do with whether or not she would recieve tenure at Morehouse.

Anonymous said...


I used to be a student of Dr. Vaughan's during her years at Virginia Wesleyan. She has been one of the most inspirational professors I have ever encountered. Do you know which school she moved on to?

Levois said...

I have no idea where else she moved onto after Morehouse. But surely someone can offer an answer as this post seems to recieve views and comments such as yours. This post is over two years old already.

If anyone here has Dr. Vaughan's e-mail address feel free to forward this post to her. She may be able to tell you better than I could or anyone else.

Turk said...

Hi! I know this post is older, but I had no clue Dr. Taqi left. Do you know what happened to him, or where he is now?

thank you!

Levois said...

The word I heard about Dr. Taqi was that he left because he couldn't prove his credentials. Since this post was three years ago almost no one in the Pol. Sci. dept. were unable to get into touch with him at that time.

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