Monday, September 15, 2008

Fighting back against stereotypes

I watch cable access. Peak time for me will usually be Saturday and Sunday morning. I might watch the Illinois Channel or after that I might watch any black themed programming that might air. I rarely watch beyond that.

You might catch me watching the Rainbow/Push Saturday morning program on the religious CAN-TV channel. Oh yeah CAN-TV has several channels. One with separate purposes with one being religious, another being educational, and others that I've yet to figure out.

Anyway here's a program that I'm probably missing:
Tired of pervasive media images that she said portrayed young African-American women solely as loose, gyrating, uneducated "hootchie mamas," Chicago mom Wanda Muhammad developed a television show to inform and inspire young people to make positive choices regarding health, education and careers.

"They didn't have shows that showed them sounding articulate and about going to school," she said. "Usually, what they see is someone getting killed and becoming mothers out of wedlock."

Since the first broadcast in 2006, Muhammad has expanded the program, which airs on public access CAN TV's Channel 21, to include young males. She changed the name from "Let's Talk, Baby Girl" to "Shaping Young Minds."
I'd like to see this show. Just to see what exactly they are talking about.

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