Friday, August 29, 2008

A lot has changed in three years apparently

One of my Flickr favorites.

This building is on the block of 71st right on Stony Island. This was once the HQ of the Republican Committeeman of the 5th Ward. I can probably look him up somewhere but at some point he either retired or he lost an election and as of June 2008, there is no longer any signage on this building.

The signage says "The Frederick Douglass Crusaders: Reviving the principles of Frederick Douglass". To be honest I'm not sure of the principles of the anti-slavery leader other than the fact that he wanted to free his fellow slaves. I might have to look up what other things Mr. Douglass stood for.

If anyone wanted to join this organization or indeed the Republican party this building doesn't seem very inviting. There aren't any windows here, although I suppose no building is perfect. Indeed for many years this part of Chicago, roughly the South Shore neighborhood, wasn't considered very safe. The neighborhood is changing however.

You could go to Starbucks or even Bank of American just past 71st Street. There is a newer much more modern and more aestetically pleasing Metra Electric station on 71st Street. You might see signs on Stony Island advertising a TIF district with the name of Leslie Hairston who is the fifth ward alderman.

Anyway I wonder what else is in store for this building.

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