Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I just hate it when...

Stuff just creeps on you at the last minute. My mom asked me to go to this place Room 21 near 21st and Wabash and at the moment she came in, I had no intention of going anywhere this evening. I would have just started cooking and that's it.

I got dressed although I'll have to admit I wasn't in my best clothes. If I had known I was going to go to this place I would have certainly been more clean and I would have brought out some clean clothes. So the fact that I was out and I wasn't exactly ready to go to such a nice place, it wasn't exactly ideal. Well you figured that, yes?

The food was good and I was liking the entertainment. The bar, well I'm not big on hard liquor but I was glad to see that I have my choice of beer. Of course that would have only been as if I wanted to drink on this occasion.

It reminds me, last year I was in Bronzeville. My mom e-mailed me about a fundraiser from a relative she was running for the state legislature. I had to convince her to go, I wanted to check one of these out.

The place was a nice ballroom right on King Drive. The event was upstairs, the place seemed to have an afrocentric theme. It was very nice, alas once again I didn't look nice. I almost looked like I came right off the street. Even worse, I had some lead time in this instance as well.

Heh, I'll get it together.

The fundraiser was nice. The food was good, the not very favorite part was the fluffery. A singer celebrating the candidate, "A hero lies in you". If I was running for office I wouldn't want that kind of fluffery, it would be embarrassing to me.

Life and times!

Oh and the official website for Room21.

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