Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I just know that can't be Lincoln

Image via The Daily Dish.

I can see a little Obama in Lincoln here, but it almost feels like something that shouldn't have been tried. Let Obama be Obama and leave out Lincoln's beard, ears, and hair. As well as his style of dress, especially his tie.

The owners of a small South End gallery say they had the best of intentions when they commissioned a famous and often mischievous street artist to install a massive political mural on a construction wall lining one of the artiest strips of the South End.

The mural, 13 feet high and nearly a block long, features multiple composite portraits of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln, their faces melded together in a rainbow of colors. It is meant, the gallery said, to inspire dialogue.

That it did. The morning after artist Ron English and his band of volunteers finished the mural, "Abraham Obama," it stirred a tempest in this insular arts community, though it had nothing to do with Lincoln, Obama or English himself.

Rather, residents, business owners, and even fellow gallery owners expressed frustration, angst, and anger over the way some English enthusiasts descended upon the city, plastering windows, telephone polls, and other surfaces with miniature posters meant to advertise the massive exhibit.

By yesterday, the sponsors of the exhibit, Gallery XIV, got a call from Boston police, apparently prompted by a complaint by the nearby Boston Center for the Arts, where two unauthorized posters were plastered.

"My best alibi and the truth is that I had no idea what we were getting into," said Will Kerr, director of exhibition sponsor Gallery XIV. "We were just interested in the installation on Thayer Street, which is an incredible work of art. I'm really trying to be a good neighbor and do damage control."

Almost reminds me of another website featuring digital images of Abraham Lincoln that I found over at Instapundit.

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