Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fox News: Jesse used n-word

I could have believed that the Rev. Jackson did enough damage by saying that he should've cut Obama's "nuts" off, but it looks like there is a new story.
Here's the other thing the Rev. Jesse Jackson said on Fox News two weeks ago about Barack Obama: "He's talking down to black people ... telling n-----s how to behave," according to various Web sites.

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly said a "weasel" at Fox leaked the full quote to an Internet site.

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O'Reilly let out the first bit of the quote last week. As Jackson waited to appear on another Fox program, he whispered to a fellow guest that he was annoyed with Obama for statements Obama was making at African-American churches.

"I want to cut his nuts off," Jackson whispered, making a sharp motion with his right hand.

Jackson's alleged use of the n-word is ironic because Jackson has called on African Americans not to use it.
Why Jesse, why?

I conjured up a few angles to this. And surely some are saying what does this have to do with Obama. Is this a way to knock Obama down, because a major "civil rights leader" decided that he had a disagreement with Obama? Or perhaps these reports are a way of forcing Jesse Jackson into the background? That is someone has a vested interest in crowning Sen. Barack Obama as a new spokesman or indeed a new black leader.

There are so many ways to run with this. This may not be a big conspiracy, but we'll have to admit for certainly that Jesse Louis Jackson has done nothing but put his own foot in his own mouth.

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