Friday, June 13, 2008

Pat Foley set to regain Blackhawks announcing job

From the Tribune. If somehow I'm not able to watch a Blackhawks game next season I can at least dial it up on the internet and listen to games thru Foley left the team a couple of years ago and has been in the Hockey wilderness either with Colorado or the Chicago Wolves:
Mark Giangreco won't bother waiting for the official announcement.

"The second John McDonough became president of the Blackhawks, I knew Pat Foley would be back," the hockey maven and WLS-Ch. 7 sports anchor said. "He exemplifies what Chicago used to be and should be—a local, regular guy calling Blackhawks games and doing it in a way that excites everybody—players, fans and other media people."

Now that Foley has completed his second season with the Wolves, he's on the verge of being introduced—OK, re-introduced—as the Hawks' TV play-by-play man. The announcement is set tentatively for Monday.
Foley's 25-year run with the Hawks ended in May 2006. He clashed with management, and observers say the Hawks' miserable play drained some enthusiasm from his calls and affected his work ethic.
This may not have had anything to do with it, but I made the request to get Foley back in post during the month of December.

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