Friday, May 23, 2008

Morehouse College faces its own bias

Another story about Morehouse via The State of. There is certainly an issue with this which was brought forth many years ago with a beating that had anti-gay overtones.
Michael Brewer, a senior at Morehouse College, was strolling purposefully around this storied campus on a hot spring day, his heavy frame dripping sweat, his hands clutching a small stack of fliers.

"No more hate," the fliers read, in a stylish typeface. "No more discrimination. No more."

"What's up, brother?" Brewer said in a lilting, cheerful voice as he approached a fellow student in a dark business suit. "Take one of these, if you will."

The young man gave the flier a glance. It was promoting what was perhaps the most ambitious week of gay rights events in the history of Morehouse, the only historically black all-male school in America.

"What the hell is this?" he said under his breath. He laughed and threw it in the trash.

But Brewer had already moved, unfazed, into the lobby of WheelerHall, where he was taping up posters. The events had been his idea, and he knew they wouldn't go over well with everyone.

"Morehouse is like this enclave where Stonewall never happened," Brewer said, referring to the 1969 New York protest that galvanized the gay rights movement. "It just doesn't exist in this realm of reality."

Brewer, 22, didn't come to Morehouse with the intent of changing it. But he found that he had no choice. He had arrived here from Oklahoma City pretty comfortable with himself: outspoken, proudly smart and, at 5 foot 9 and 300 pounds, hard to miss.

Early on, he decided he wouldn't water down his gay identity.

And that, historically, has been a problematic strategy at Morehouse. The 141-year-old college has played a key role in defining black manhood in America. But with a past steeped in religion, tradition and machismo, it has struggled to determine how homosexuality fits within that definition.
I like to keep to a minimum stories like that because I'm sure for many this is very much a touchy subject. I suppose you can try to talk to a Morehouse man or student about this and see what type of reaction you get. I suppose there is a good question, what defines a Morehouse man?

The State of offers their own opinion...
TheStateOf . . . Morehouse. This is probably the clearest example of how the homosexual lobby is intent on destroying masculinityMorehouse has played a key role in defining manhood and now the media want manhood to be defined by gayness.
Here's another item worth looking at here at video entitled Gamma Lamma Gay. You'll need Quicktime to view this vid.

I suppose that I see nothing wrong with general expectations that a Morehouse man should marry a Spelman woman and become successful in his endeavors. Also sexuality shouldn't be how a person defines themselves or even a means to judge an individual.

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