Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chicago City Council Committee Stands Against Possible War in Iran

Wow! Local politics takes a preemptive strike against any future military actions in the Middle East. Oh my I'm so happy Chicago's City Council is taking a stand on something that they ultimately wouldn't be at the table for making a decision anyway. Certainly there are things much closer to home that needs to get done. CPR:

Chicago City Council committee says it officially opposes a future U-S led attack on Iran. In a hearing today, 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore said Chicago residents can't afford another war.

MOORE: It is Chicago's sons and daughters who will be asked to fight and perhaps give their lives in a war against Iran. It is Chicago's tax payers who will be asked to spend billions of dollars on another unncessary and costly war.

Supporters of the resolution testified they feel the U-S is taking the same steps with Iran that led to the ongoing war in Iraq. 11th Ward Alderman James Balcer questioned the resolution.

BALCER: If they have sanctuaries in there for terrorists that are building up supplies, we have a right and an obligation to protect our troops and to take out those sanctuaries.

Balcer was the only mEmber to vote against the resolution. The full City Council is expected to vote on it tomorrow.

Oh my there goes the friend of Craig Gernhardt and Tom Mannis again he might want to keep his eye at home instead. That's not to say I know what's going on in the 49th but we might need him to work on solutions in Chicago. There are certainly issues worth tackling int he city.

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