Thursday, May 15, 2008

Black College to Have First White Valedictorian

I was trying not to post about this. That's not to say this isn't a good thing, but I certainly have my two cents on this. For one I think it's unfortunate that they have to bring up the man's race.

He's a valedictorian would it have made a difference if he was black. I'd rather hope it wouldn't although unfortunately some people make a big deal about race. Meh I feel wrong for bringing it up so I think I'll stop here.

Congrats to Mr. Josh Packwood. The article via Newsalert (article from a different source to be sure, however, the article that was linked there was formatted sloppily) which is why I post this, although I've seen this on a number of blogs indicates that he has a 4.0 GPA in Economics. A field that I have no doubt is tough because I've taken some Economics courses. It's certainly a job well done and hopefully he'll do big things outside of Morehouse.

I am a Morehouse student, I tend to think of Morehouse as a college on par with some of the best colleges around the nation. It could be on par with Harvard or Yale though Morehouse probably could be compared more favorably to similar small liberal arts colleges around the country as well. I wouldn't sleep on Morehouse and I wouldn't sleep on Mr. Packwood either.

I suppose the only thing you could take away from Morehouse is it's mission of educating black men and perhaps other aspects that might include the black experience in America. Discussions of race might enter most of the course one may take there, but for the most part I doubt that the education you would get beyond race is much different. There is one thing I have seen in the chatter about this story.

The one part about the Morehouse "mystique" where you earned your grades. I saw a comment on one of the many blogs out there about how an exchange student from an Ivy League school almost failed all of his classes. According to the commenter this ole boy had it easy where he was and he had to grind. I'm sure if you talk to enough Morehouse students you will hear about stories such as this.

BTW, the Morehouse College Class of 2008 and I do believe they're called the "renaissance" class since there is a new president and he wants to mold renaissance men will graduate May 18th.

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